Snoring & Relationships in Staten Island, New York

Even if you do not notice the effects of snoring yourself, it can still have a big effect on those around you. This is especially the case for your household and your partner who shares a bed with you. If snoring has a negative impact on your closest relationships, seek treatment from our sleep dentist.

Snoring does not just affect the health of the patient; it can also cause the same sort of problems in their partner. Snorers and those who sleep with snorers can both suffer from a lack of sleep and regular sleep deprivation. Over time, this can cause severe consequences, leading to depression, increased anxiety and decreased libido. It can seriously affect metabolism and lead to weight gain. Sleeplessness can also damage memory, concentration and overall brain function.

One of the most noticeable effects of chronic snoring is fatigue and drowsiness throughout the day. While earplugs or white noise can help, they may also prevent you or your partner from hearing an alarm or your child crying. Sometimes, the snoring is so loud that couples start to sleep in different rooms, increasing tension in their relationship. However, with Dr. Mel Pearson and our team at Staten Island Dental Sleep Health, couples can finally get a good night’s rest. Call 718-948-5100 and arrange an appointment for an oral appliance in Staten Island, New York.