Sleep Apnea & Your Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight can be a lifetime struggle. Our bodies gain weight much easier than lose it, which is why the number of American adults with obesity is still increasing. For many patients, obesity can cause or worsen their symptoms.

Obesity can increase a patient’s chance of developing sleep apnea. A higher weight can easily interfere with a patient’s breathing, narrowing the airway. When the airway tightens, it can easily become blocked and develop interrupted breathing patterns.

In turn, sleep apnea can cause weight gain and lead to obesity. Without the proper amount of rest, you can become drowsy throughout the day, which discourages healthy eating and exercise. Even a CPAP machine, which is made to address sleep apnea, can interfere with your sleep and cause patients to put on weight. However, our sleep dentist can recommend CPAP alternatives and healthy ways to decrease weight gain.

While weight loss, exercise and healthy eating are long-term commitments, they are very important to your overall health. By addressing underlying issues, Dr. Mel Pearson can diminish your sleep apnea symptoms and avoid serious problems caused by this condition. There are many fun ways to incorporate exercise into your life and find healthy, nutritious meals to eat. Start on your lifestyle changes with sleep apnea treatment in Staten Island, New York, by calling Staten Island Dental Sleep Health at 718-948-5100.